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About Mucchads

Mucchads is all about taste, health, hygiene and convenience for the foodies around the world and especially here in India. We all have cravings for Indian snacks such as Samosa, Kachori, Vada Pav, Pakora, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun etc. Many of us kill that craving due to the health and hygiene concerns, obviously as these are only available with the street vendors. Many others still indulge in the taste of such street vendors but end up compromising either with health, hygiene or both.

When we founded Mucchads, we gave a lot of thought to these factors and did our research on the conditions of places where those yummy snacks are prepared around the corner. The results were shocking!

Are you aware that a regular Halwai keeps on using the same oil (usually b grade) till it is Pitch Dark? It doesn’t stop there, as oil in that condition is used to make fillings for the samosa and kachori, etc. The water used in the preparation is not filtered – it is directly sourced from the bore. These are just a few examples of how we compromise on the health when we indulge in super tasty street food.

At Mucchads, we believe everyone deserves to have Authentic Indian Snacks with the original taste without compromising health & hygiene. So, we ensure the frying is done in home quality fresh oil, ingredients used are of top quality, preparation is done in clean and hygienic conditions, water used is purified, and even packing is done in approved food grade material. Basically, we ensure the highest standards of food preparation, packing and serving without compromising quality of effervescence on your taste buds after consuming our products.

It is our constant endeavor to serve you lip smacking delicious food in hot and fresh condition at your door-step, exactly the way you have been having it from a street vendor but this time without compromising taste, hygiene and most importantly your health.